Bats play a major role in sustenance of the eco system in multitude ways. Insectivorous bats are among the best insect cleansers and thereby keep harmful diseases at bay by devouring and keeping them under control. Fruit eating bats on the other hand are the best natural seed dispersal agents and cross pollinators and hence play a vital role in regeneration. Many species of fruiting trees depend on these bats for dispersal and regeneration. The guano is among the most potent fertilizer thereby increasing the fertility of the soil.

Bats are hunted for their alleged medicinal properties. Bats living in huge colonies and under constant stress due to disturbance caused by people collecting guano who drive away the bats. Excessive quarrying destroys the natural crevices and small caves which these bats roost. Hence it becomes very prominent that these flying mammals be protected by conserving their natural habitats.

Only two bat species viz,. Wroughton's free-tailed bat (Otomops wroughtoni) and Salim Ali's fruit bat (Latidens salimalii) enjoy legal protection in India while the remaining species have no legal protection whatsoever.

biletul zilei cu meciuri din fotbal biletul zilei de azi

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